While we love to hear from customers and retailers of Dragonspit Publishing's material, we absolutely hate spam. We understand that running a business takes time and money, and sometimes means reaching out to other businesses who may be interested in your product. But so that there's no confusion, please read this carefully before sending a message:
1. Dragonspit Publishing does not, and NEVER WILL, use ANY type of electronic means to gather data about users. This practice is an invasion of privacy, plain and simple. Our business model is to offer quality material to readers that they're willing to spend money on, NOT to fleece them for personal information and monetize it elsewhere, or talk them into buying something they otherwise wouldn't.
2. Please pick your radio button carefully. "Customer" means someone who has made a purchase, or who may make one soon. "Retailer" is any business that sells comic books, and who may be interested in carrying our titles. Someone who has a question or comment about our titles would click 'customer,' someone thinking of buying them for resale would click 'retailer.'
"Creator" means any content creators interested in being published. If you're an individual writer, artist, or part of a creative team (i.e. you do the writing, someone else does the art, someone else does the lettering, etc.), you have something finished or close to being finished, and you're interested in being published, then this button is for you. 
What we're looking for: Comics, novels, short stories, books in fiction, non-fiction, and original artwork(for either posters or art books) All genres, so long as you own the copyright. We only deal with physical mediums, so no web comics unless you want them printed and sold in stores.
What creators can expect: First and most important, we absolutely will not ask you for money, at any stage of the publishing process. We cover all of the production costs, marketing, etc. and when sales are made, the creator(s) get a royalty check. Our profits come from selling products, and if they don't sell, then it's on us. In legitimate publishing, you don't pay the publisher, the publisher pays you. Anyone offering to publish your work for a fee is running a scam.
Next, how fast you get into stores and start making money depends on a number of variables, and there are no promises or guarantees. A creator who has finished work will obviously get there faster, but you don't have to have something finished before contacting us to get the ball rolling.
The first phase of getting your work into stores is of course, to break the ice and send us a message. Please tell us your name, age, the city and state where you live, the medium you want to publish (Comic? Novel? etc.?) the genre, and working title. Please do not give a synopsis or any plot points until asked, this is a liability thing and makes the whole process cleaner and safer for everyone. Also, you don't have to be 18, but if you're not then you'll need a legal guardian to sign the contracts for you.
After making initial contact, we'll set a time and date to either meet in person or do a Zoom call, and begin discussing contract terms. The entire process from first contact to your material being published on our site should take about three months or less. 
So, if you've read all of this and still want to get in touch, please feel free to send us a message! But beware.. spammers will be added to the blacklist. We will not visit your site and click 'unsubscribe.'

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